Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

VR laser employs the latest in plasma cutting in its services lines.

We have two high definition plasma machines , the largest having a bed size of 27M x 7M capable of cutting up to 40mm thick Carbon Steel plates.

High definition plasma cutting gives the end user an alternative to laser cutting when using material thicker than 10mm.

This is important to consider when looking at the material type as high definition plasma will give a comparable acceptable cut to a laser cut part depending on the tolerances specified by the customer.

Plasma equipment

  • 1 Messer High Def Plasma 13mx3m cut upto 40mm thick
  • 1 Messer High Def Water Bed Plasma 27x7m cut upto 40mm thick

  • Profile Equipment
    2 Flame cutters (profiles) 12mmx3mm with 4 cutting heads which cut upto 300m thick